Pattern Testing

On my writing blog, I have talked about “beta reading” for other writers. That means that the writer is finished with a piece of writing and needs a second, third, fourth etc. opinion. Beta readers provide those opinions, sort of like editors in the big bad publishing world, only beta readers generally tend to do it for much, much cheaper.

The same thing happens with new quilt patterns as well. I’m excited to say that I’m currently pattern testing for a lady in my local quilt group. Her quilt is amazing, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to pattern test for her. I dare say she might be annoyed with all my nit-picky comments though. As I writer, I can’t help but point out all the tiny little typos and mistakes. hehe.

Anyway, for obvious reasons I cannot post the pattern on here. But when it goes on sale (after it’s finished of course) I’ll be sure to let you know where to purchase it. It’s a good one…trust me! Also, make sure to be on the look out for more pattern testing posts. I’ll be blogging about my experience as a tester and giving you a sneak peek of the fabric I’m using as well. 🙂

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