Help in the Sewing Room

As with any new business, extra help is always welcome (especially when it’s volunteered and free). 🙂 I’d like you all to meet “the help”. She’s small and fuzzy, loyal and driven. Her name is Freckles (because she has stripes) and extremely dedicated to helping around the sewing room. She is never late, always willing to offer her opinion, and very loyal to the company. 🙂

Here are some pictures you might enjoy.

“But I’m sooo cuuuuute, how could you possibly want to get anything done when I’m around to pet and play with??”

“What? You weren’t trying to finish that row, were you?”

“You don’t mind if I lay by your feet while you iron those fabric pieces, do you?”

Ah yes, the help is oh so helpful. 🙂

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