Stashing Fabric & New Projects

Hooray for another Fabric Fun Friday! I have two new projects to share with you today, along with the fabric I’m gathering together for those projects.

The first is for a project I have had planned for awhile. Now that I have finished the Rainbow Quilt (stay on the lookout for the final pictures of that one), I can finally start on the black, white, and purple quilt for my friend Shannon. Awhile ago she mentioned she was in need of a new comforter for her bed. I offered to make her one (as long as she paid for materials). It will be good for my portfolio and good practice. It’s kind of scary because I’ve never made such a fluffy quilt before, but I think I’m up to the challenge. šŸ™‚

Anyway, the pattern I’m using comes from Julie Harman’s new craft book Skip the Borders. I’ll be making the quilt “Framed Coins” using purple instead of green. If you’d like to see a picture of Framed Coins, it is about mid way down the page on this post of her blog.

Here is a picture of the black and white prints I have collected so far:

I should be headed to the fabric store this weekend to get the purples and maybe find some more black and white prints.

As for project #2, I have to decided to jump in on a my first quilt along. I’ll be participating in the Modern Mystery Quilt Along. I’m pretty excited about this one because I’ve never made a quilt without visualizing the finished product first.

After much deliberation, and some not so helpful color advice from the Hubs lol, I decided to go with a purple, pink, yellow, and gray color scheme from my stash fabric.

No one said my stash had to be organized right? Haha. After awhile I did organize it a little and narrowed down the shades I wanted to use for each color. I really hope they go well with the Mod Mystery QAL.

OH yeah, and as promised, a head on picture of the Fire & Ice Quilt.

I don’t have my own handy dandy fence to take pictures on, so I have to find time to take pictures. Unfortunately the sun was in a terrible position, so the light might be off. But hey, I never said I was a professional. šŸ™‚

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