Pinterest Weekend: Halloween Edition

A friend of mine (Shannon) and I are somewhat obsessed with Pinterest. Well, her more than me, but we don’t have to get into that here. 🙂 Anyway, we had this great idea to have a “Pinterest Weekend”. If you have a Pinterest page, then you know what it’s like to pin a bunch of recipes, crafts, etc. and then never get around to actually *doing* any of that super awesome stuff you found on Pinterest. We got tired of doing all that pinning but not actually trying any of the stuff we pinned. So we had a Pinterest Weekend in which we did ALL Pinterest stuff we had already pinned. Every meal was a Pinterest recipe and every craft was a Pinterest pin.

In honor of Halloween, we also decided to make the Pinterest Weekend themed for Halloween… or in other words, we did A LOT of pumpkin stuff. LOL

So to start off we went shopping on Friday night to get all the groceries and crafts for the weekend. Then Saturday morning we made these for breakfast:

They were actually extremely easy to make! Just crescent rolls, cream cheese, and strawberries (though you can add pretty much any berry/fruit of your choice). We pinned the recipe from this website. *A word of advice: use more berries than you think you should, because otherwise the cream cheese will over power the fruit.*
Next we started in on our pumpkins. We got both carving and cooking pumpkins. Honestly, cooking the pie pumpkins to make puree was waaayyy more annoying than we thought it would be. It took longer than expected so we got a super late start on the actually making of pumpkin things using our pumpkin puree. But oh well, we’ll know better for next year.
While the pumpkins were in the oven, we made lunch. Since the oven was already on, we made tacos in the oven. Here is the recipe. We used regular sized muffin pans and poured the taco meat into won ton wrappers. It was a fun take on traditional tacos. The won ton wrappers ended up both soft and crunchy, so it was like getting two tacos in one. 🙂
Anyway, after the pumpkins were cooked and the puree was made, we cleaned and saved all the seeds. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the seeds, but they were delicious! They were so addicting they were gone within a few days. Definitely worth a try if you still have seeds from this year. The recipe was super easy.
Just rinse and pat dry the seeds to get all the stringy things off. Then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to 2 cups of seeds and toss in a bowl. Layer the seeds on a cookie sheet covered in parchment (or wax) paper. Make sure the seeds are only one layer deep, and sprinkle salt over them. Put in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. You’ll really know when they are done when they start to smell delicious. Haha, I know that is vague, but trust me, you’ll know when you check on the seeds. 🙂 You’ll be surprised at how addicting the pumpkin seeds turn out.
After the puree was made, we used some of it to make cookies. We found a recipe on Pinterest that called for just two ingredients: pumpkin puree and spice cake mix. Pretty easy to make cookies if I do say so myself.

There was just one problem with the cookies….they were more like mini cakes. They were super soft and had a cake like texture, which was strange considering they were called “cookies”. But once you got past the odd consistency, they were pretty good. I think they would have been better with icing and eaten with a fork as well.

By the evening on Saturday, we were pretty tired. Cleaning out all those pumpkins was a lot more work than we thought it would be. So we made Iced Mocha Frappes as a caffeine boost for the rest of the night. You can find the recipe here.

It was by far the best thing we made all weekend, in my opinion. 🙂 I’m pretty sure Shannon agrees since she downed hers in like 10 minutes. While we drank our coffee, we watched Hocus Pocus and all four of the Halloweentown movies. Not a Pinterest find of course, but what’s a Halloween weekend without some Halloween movies?

During the movies we also painted our nails. We got out every color of nail polish we owned, which of course made it difficult to pick just one or two colors. So we painted each of our toes a different color…which helped the decision process. Some of my toes even glow in the dark. hehe.

Then for our nails we tried to do this:

But it totally didn’t work out for us. 😦 We even had a great idea to do orange and dark purple (almost black) for Halloween, but our strips of tape apparently weren’t thin enough. Also, apparently off-brand scotch tape is super strong because some of the strips took off the bottom layer and then left empty spaces on our nails. I was a little annoyed and ended up taking the polish off before taking a picture. Hopefully the next nail experiment will work out better for us. 🙂
On Sunday, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins.
Here are some pictures during the day:
Here are some pictures with the pumpkins lit up:
All in all, I’d say Pinterest Weekend was a pretty good success. We didn’t get as much done as we planned, we still have some crafts left over to finish. And we would have liked to make a few more food items, but the pumpkins took forever to cook in the oven!
We are already planning a Christmas Pinterest Weekend for December, so stay tuned! We should have more time to get stuff done since we won’t be cooking pumpkins in the oven. We may even have time to finish up some of the Halloween crafts we didn’t get to from the this past weekend. You can check out our Pinterest Board to see what we may be planning next. 🙂

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