A Cold Start to February!

It’s freezing here in the Midwest! Seriously, the temperature is 9 degrees F (feels like -4), that is cold!!
I suppose that’s perfect to get started on February’s quilting/sewing goals though. I had a semi-productive January. I was able to finish the Madrona Road challenge quilt on time, which is always a plus, but not much more than that…whoops! 😛

MR Detail
I’m hoping February will be a little more productive since I’m not on any sort of time constraint for any of my projects. Not a strict one anyway. Has anyone else ever noticed that you seem to be more productive when you *don’t* have a deadline? 🙂
February goals:
-Scrap Happy Sampler BOM (the Jan BOM is almost finished I swear!)
Craftsy BOM 2013 (Jan & Feb)
-Piece Modern Mystery quilt top (UFO from 2012)
-Piece Shannon’s quilt top (UFO from 2012)
-Pinterest Weekend
I don’t want to stretch myself too thin, but trust me, I have plenty of other projects to work on should I finish those four goals. Keep in mind, February is a short month and let me tell you, 3 days definitely makes a difference! Haha
I’m super excited for the Scrap Happy BOM this month because it is all hand sewing, which is perfect for me this month. I am house/doggy sitting for a week, and I wasn’t too thrilled to drag around my sewing machine. So now I have something to work on while away from my machine. 🙂
Linking up with Small Blog Meet at Lily’s Quilts. 🙂 I love meeting other quilters and bloggers, they are so inspiring!
Lily's Quilts

7 responses to “A Cold Start to February!

  1. ugh, i have to hit up my mystery quilt as well…i'm so uninspired by it. not loving the way the curves look. i mean, i sewed them fine, but i don't love how they look with the blocks. sigh.


  2. Ooh, I love that Madrona! Looks yum! When I checked the weather this morning, it was 1 degree here, feels like -9. Awesome sauce, right? Oh, how I hate midwestern winters! 🙂


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