Bag Parade: Tote Bag

I’ve been wanting/needing to make a bag to carry around my sewing supplies when travelling to quilt meetings and what not. I just kept putting it off because I’ve never tried sewing bags on my own before. (I made one with mom when I was little, but I’ll be honest, she did most of the work lol)

And then came Sara at Sew Sweetness and her love for drawing up bag patterns and creating tutorials for those us not so skilled in bag making. I immediately fell in love with her “Naughty Secretary Bag“. Her instructions were pretty simple and straight forward, which made this adventure much, much easier. I would definitely check out her bag patterns, especially if you are a beginner like me!

Since I was still a little scared, I used some fabric I acquired through my mom when she was cleaning out her stash. To preface the pictures, this fabric was BRIGHT orange paisley. I had no idea what to do with it when she gave it to me, but I’m a sucker for free fabric and couldn’t turn it away. SO…I decided it would be perfect for my first bag.

Orange Paisley Outside
Sorry about the terrible lighting in the picture, I swear it really is bright orange. hehe. The yellow accent fabric was also from my mom. While it doesn’t match the paisley perfectly, I figured it might tone down the orange a bit.
For the inside, I used some brown (also from my mom), but again, I had no idea what to use with it since it doesn’t currently match much else in my stash.
Orange Paisley Inside
Overall, I’m actually pretty proud of it. It didn’t turn out as ugly/bright or as badly sewn as I thought it would…but I give most of that credit to Sara’s instructions. 🙂 I even finished it just in time to use it last weekend when the IMQG did a 12 hour Sew-a-thon. Not only was it useful, but it was also fun to show it off to the group during show-and-tell.
Orange Paisley Full

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