Sewing Journal and a New Quilt Along

I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been sewing a bit. As soon as the Hubs stops making excuses and helps me take pictures, I will have a post to share with some recent finishes. BUT in the meantime, I have decided to start keeping a Sewing Journal. I was inspired by Sew Mama Sew when she posted THIS blog about making a sewing journal and a handy dandy pdf file to keep track of my projects.

Since I’ve been sewing more lately than ever before, I find myself forgetting what fabrics I used or what sized needle was perfect for a certain technique and what have you, so this Journal will be perfect! I bought a cheap notebook from Walmart (in purple because it was the best color choice hehe) that has graph paper instead of lined paper. I figured that way, not only can I write journal entries, but I can also sketch out new pattern ideas easily…and all in one place.

graph notebook
Anyone else ever have the problem of sketching out ideas in several different places and then losing them along the way? Haha

So…I printed out the handy dandy pdf file from Sew Mama Sew and started filling it out for my next new project. I figured my current UFOs are already a lost cause, so I might as well start fresh with a new project. 🙂

BBP journal entry

Which brings me to my next point…another quilt along I’m joining! Woohoo! I will be participating in the Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt Along put on and designed by Lee over at Freshly Pieced.

I already know this one will turn out much, much better than the last. *cough Modern Mystery cough cough* (which btw, I should have finished pictures of soon)

I know it will be better because:
1. It’s not a mystery quilt, so I already know the layout looks awesome
2. Anything done by Lee is amazing, so that’s a plus
3. I’m sticking with the suggested Pearl Bracelets fabric line which I have been dying for an excuse to buy ever since it came out
4. Spring is almost here and that always lifts the moody gloominess of winter. (Yes, I know that doesn’t really have anything to do with quilting, but still worth a bullet point haha)

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