WiP Wednesday: Quilting Suggestions Needed!

I’ve been plugging away at the Bloom Bloom Pow quilt top. So far I have all the half hexagons finished, and I’m gearing up on sewing the rows together this week.

BBP_design wall detail
The April showers have continued into May, so I don’t have any good pictures… But I can show you a dimly lit picture of my design wall. Trust me, in real life it’s beautiful with all the bright, lovely colors. šŸ™‚
BBP_design wall
Now that all that happiness and productivity is over, I’ll get on to my real problem. Quilting designs!!
I finished this purple quilt top a few weeks ago and have been stuck ever since.
purple quilt_top full
How in the heck should I quilt this thing? It’s a monster at 96″x96″ and I plan on quilting it on my home machine. I think, because of the size, I would like to stick with straight line quilting as I’m relatively new to free motion and do not trust my skills yet. šŸ™‚
SO…any suggestions? I’m thinking it would be fun to use variegated purple thread, but I’m not sure on the pattern.
Linking up with Freshly Pieced for another WiP Wednesday. šŸ™‚
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

3 responses to “WiP Wednesday: Quilting Suggestions Needed!

  1. Wow, two gorgeous projects! Love the POP of colours in the BBP quilt! I would do straight line quilting in each block: it the stripes are horizontal, I would quilt vertical! And vice versa.Good luck with it!Esther


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