Pinterest Weekend: Leftovers Edition

Another Pinterest Weekend under our belts and few more crafts and recipes accomplished! As usual, Pinterest Weekend is just what it sounds like, a weekend full of Pinterest pins and Pinterest goodness. We cook, craft, and do girly things all weekend and everything is found on Pinterest. Unlike most of our weekends in the past, we had a few extra helpers this weekend.

The fluffy, lion-looking one in the back is Izzy, and the goofball in the front is Charlie. They met for the first time this Pinterest Weekend and became instant friends. They were also pretty good taste testers for some homemade doggy treats.
BFFs playing

On to what we actually did throughout the weekend. On Saturday we made a breakfast casserole that was super easy and delicious! So delcious that we had leftovers Sunday morning as well.
Breakfast Casserole
In the past we have spent more time cooking than crafting, so we wanted to change up the time line a bit and try to finish some more crafts (that we tried to start on previous weekends). So after breakfast we painted some hooks black for a wall hanging project.
Painted hooks

Painted hooks
We couldn’t find any hooks we liked, so we just bought some cheap white ones and painted them black to match the rest of the project. Do you like my line to hang dry the hooks? Teehee. Laugh if you want, it worked out pretty well.

As per my poor picture taking skills (or at least, lack of remembering to take them) I didn’t get any more of this craft in the making, but I do have pics of the final product.

Wall hanger
To make this Key Hook/Wall Hanger, it was pretty simple. We started with a large rectangle piece of styrofoam and cut in half. (See picture above, under the salt shaker tuxedo man)

If you do make this project, I suggest cutting the styrofoam outside otherwise you will gets lots of tiny little pieces all over your floor, carpet, clothes, etc. NOT fun clean up.

Wall hangers

Then we simply took a piece of heavy weight fabric and stretched it around the foam. I secured the back with regular sewing pins that slid right into the foam.

Then we took our painted hooks and popped them into the foam, securing them with a small amount of hot glue.

Wall hanger
As far as I know it is still holding up. LOL I was a little weary at first that the hooks would not hold a heavy set of keys. But I was assured it would work, and as far as I know this black and white elephant hook is still hanging on Shannon’s wall. So plus one in the crafts column for Pinterest Weekend!

For lunch, we had homemade pizza rolls. I don’t have a link for them, but the recipe is pretty simple and easy.

Pizza Rolls
The pizza rolls are simply crescent rolls with pepperoni and string cheese (cut in half) rolled up. Bake in the oven as directed on the crescent roll can (as if you were just baking the rolls). They will come out super delicious and pretty good leftover the next day as well.
Pizza Roll

After that we got to work in the kitchen. We made two different types of dog treats. The first dog treat was frozen and probably the easiest thing we have made so far.

Frozen Doggy Treats
Instead of using ice cube trays to mold the treats, we used an empty egg carton, which worked out really well since you can leave them in the carton and break off one at a time. The styrofoam should peel easily off the treat, just make sure to peel it all off before feeding it to your puppy!
The frozen treats were Izzy’s favorite by far, she goes bananas over them! Haha, bananas, I kill myself. (If you visit the link, you’ll find bananas are an ingredient listed). 🙂

While the first treats were in the freezer, we made some baked goodies for the puppies. Slightly more complicated than the first, yet still just as easy. The recipe suggested using a small cookie cutter to make shapes, but we got a little lazy. After all, doggies don’t care if the treats are shaped like hearts or bones, they just wanna eat ’em up. 🙂

Baked Doggy Treats

Izzy doesn’t go quite as nuts for these, but they are definitely still eaten with no crumbs leftover. 🙂 And WAY cheaper than small dog treats at the pet store or grocery mart.

For dinner we made chicken in the crock pot and then had stuffed peppers. Unable to choose just one pepper, we got three different colors to use. I swear there is red, orange, and yellow….you just can’t tell from the poorly lit picture.

Stuffed Peppers
Consisting mostly of chicken and rice, the peppers were excellent. Definitely worth a try! I always thought stuffed peppers were a pain in the you-know-what to make, but they were actually quite easy.
Stuffed Pepper
They were even delicious the next day for lunch. Albeit, the pepper was a little soggy, but it heated up nicely for being leftovers Are you catching on to the theme of this Pinterest Weekend? LOL.
If I forgot to mention earlier, dinner on Friday night was a potluck of leftovers from the week, of which I was assured every recipe came from Pinterest. 🙂
Moving on, we couldn’t end the weekend with the pups as the only ones with doggy bags. Ha! Call me butter cuz I’m on a roll! 😛
Anyway, we made cookies and banana bread (using the leftover bananas from the dog treats) for ourselves.
We had some leftover cooking chips, so we made White Chocolate, Butterscotch Cookies that were amazing! They almost didn’t make it past the weekend we ate them so fast. *Don’t judge*
Butterscotch, White Chocolate Cookies
Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the cinnamon, banana bread that we made, but I assure you it was delicious as well. Due to a long list of ingredients, we had to double and triple check the recipe, but other than that it was super easy. I suppose banana bread is easier than regular bread (due to not needed yeast), but it was still easier than I thought it would be. I guess it helps that Shannon has one of those super fancy stand mixer thingys (and I don’t hehe).
Anyway, all that, along with 8 Harry Potter movies, and we were beat at the end of the weekend. Izzy slept for nearly two days straight when we got home. 🙂 I guess it’s easy to sleep on a tummy full of treats tuckered out from a weekend of puppy playtime.
I can’t wait until the next Pinterest Weekend! I think in the future we are going in a more thrifty, home decoration direction so that should be pretty fun!

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