WiP Wednesday: Squish and Shove Quilting

purple quilt_top full

Last week I started quilting this massive (96 x 96) queen sized quilt. I did indeed end up using a Sulky variegated purple thread. For some reason, my machine loves quilting with Sulky way more than any other thread.

This quilt has been a challenge since the top was put together. It was too large to try to pin baste in my home as I have no flat surfaces big enough for that monster of a quilt. 🙂 Luckily, I had the time and space to do it on a weekend quilt trip a few weeks ago.

After the basting was finished, it was time to make sure I could actually fit the whole thing under my machine. After much deliberation, I decided against free motion quilting (which was the original plan). At first I assumed it would be easier to free motion the quilting working with each block individually.

However, after testing the machine under my needle, it would have been much to heavy to rotate under the needle. So I switched to straight line quilting with a walking foot. Since I still wanted a pretty pattern, I did a different design each in the black/white parts and purple parts. (Detailed photo of the pattern to follow when the quilting is complete)

Purple Quilt-quilting in progress
For those of you wondering how I’m physically quilting this beast. I’m a big fan of the “Squish and Shove” method. 🙂 Rather than rolling the quilt as some quilters prefer, I simply squish the quilt into the throat space of the machine until I get to the part I need to quilt.
With this particular quilt, I pre-marked the straight lines (since I wanted it to be in a specific pattern). Pre-marking the lines is fairly tedious, but totally worth it. Envision the entire quilt laid out on our pool table before being moved to the machine. **shhh, don’t tell Hubby! He has a strict “no objects on the pool table rule”** My pre-marked lines make it easier to know where I’m going next without having to straighten out the entire thing to look at it.
Hopefully I will be able to finish the quilting soon. I’m about a quarter of the way through, but the Superbowl and large of amount of snow shoveling has slowed my progress tremendously. I mean seriously, you try quilting a queen sized quilt after shoveling the driveway covered in 7 inches of snow! LOL
Linking up with Lee from Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday!!

4 responses to “WiP Wednesday: Squish and Shove Quilting

  1. I squish and shove, too! I tried the rolling thing and bicycle clips, but that just didn't work for me. I look forward to seeing what straight line patterns you are using.


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