Pinterest Weekend: Short and Snowy Edition

We haven’t had the chance to do a Pinterest Weekend since before the holidays. Eek it’s been way too long! This past weekend we finally had a free weekend to do all things Pinterest-y. But alas, the shi….I mean *snowy* weather cut the weekend short. We had some sort of freezing rain/slush/snow thing going on Friday that prevented Shannon from driving to my house. So we only got to make a few things on Saturday before she had to brave the snow again to drive home.

One Skillet LasagnaIn any case, we did make a few new things. For dinner we tried one of the many “One Skillet, 30 Minute Meals” that have been floating around Pinterest. Appropriately titled, One Skillet Lasagna, because it has all the fixings for a traditional lasagna, without the lengthy, multi-dish baking time. Click on the recipe title for the complete list of ingredients and instructions.

While this dinner was a *Pinterest Success*, I do have a few modifications to add, should I make it again. (which will probably happen since Hubs really enjoyed it)

First of all, the recipe calls for canned whole tomatoes. But then in the directions, it says to use kitchen shears to cut up the tomatoes while still in the can. UH…no. Shannon and I quickly decided that canned diced tomatoes would suffice just fine. I mean really, this is a meal created for its quick and easy factors….cutting up tomatoes from a can is not quick and easy. 🙂

Second, it was a little soupy. I’m guessing we did something wrong, or measured something wrong, but it was not “thick” like the recipe suggested. Even letting it set for a few minutes did not thicken the sauce as suggested in the recipe. So in the future, I plan on adding way less chicken broth and hope that it thickens the sauce a little.

Next up is dessert. We made two desserts….because you can never have just one on Pinterest Weekend. 🙂 Originally we had intended to make the first dessert on Friday for Valentine’s Day…but alas, the weather and its craziness postponed dessert. It was just as delicious the day after Valentine’s Day though.

Red Velvet Molten Lava CupcakesMy apologies for the dark photo. This is a Red Velvet Molten Lava Cupcake, with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Again, click on the title for the full list of ingredients and direction.

This dessert was another *Pinterest Success* Of course, Hubs favorite kind of cake is red velvet, so I’m guessing it would be an automatic win anyway. Haha. The only difficulties we had with this recipe (aside from the time it took to find vanilla bean ice cream. seriously people, only ONE brand of ice cream sells it anymore!) was the “molten lava” portion.

Our chocolate-y goodness on the inside was more like lava a few weeks after the volcano erupts rather than flowing during the eruption. 🙂 Although we followed the recipe exactly, I suspect we cooled the chocolate too long, therefore letting it set too hard. We then had to microwave it again to be able to scoop it into the cupcakes. But oh well, we aren’t professionals and it still tasted delicious. 🙂

Snickerdoodle BrowniesThe second dessert was Snickerdoodle Brownies. Oh my goodness, these are awesome! We had absolutely NO problems with this recipe at all. They taste exactly like Snickerdoodles, but have a soft texture like a brownie. It’s been 4 days since we made these and they are still just as soft! I swear I am never making the cookie version again! Definitely a *Pinterest Success*

The Angry CubanTo cap off the night, we made an “adult” drink. 🙂 Titled The Angry Cuban (although I’m not sure why) it was also a *Pinterest Success*. Although I do have to warn any future drinkers, when it says “big” splash of grenadine, don’t make it too big. We found that out the hard way when I was a little too heavy handed with the grenadine. Let’s just say, the second round was tastier. 🙂

The recipe was perfect for two people though. It called for  1.5 oz. Rum, 2.5 oz. Pineapple Juice, Splash of Grenadine, and Fill with Angry Orchard. Both Shannon and I were drinking these, so it was super easy to measure out the juice and cider, as we just split it in half.

Overall I’d say it was a successful Pinterest Weekend. While we didn’t have time for crafts, and the weather wasn’t that great, the food recipes we tried all turned out great. Plus, now that Shannon is newly engaged, we have another “victim” to taste our recipes…meaning we can try more since that’s another mouth to feed. 😀

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