Cycling T-Shirt Quilt Finish

A friend of mine from college asked if I could make him a t-shirt quilt from some of his old cycling club/race shirts. While I’m not a big fan of t-shirt quilts (since they lack in the creativity area), I do like making them for my friends. Plus, I needed a break from quilting the giant purple quilt. πŸ™‚

Anyway, my friend now lives in Arizona….a long ways away from the midwest where we went to college (Purdue University). He is in the Cycling Club there, just like when he was at Purdue. I always knew he participated in a ton of cycling races, but I had no idea just how many. Apparently, he has travelled all over the place racing, as seen by his many shirts.

Cycling T-Shirt Quilt Front

He shipped a giant box of 25 or so t-shirts to me, and I did my best to use them all. While I had my favorites *ahem, Purdue Cycling*, I didn’t know his favorites, so thats why I wanted to use them all. Plus, more shirts = a bigger quilt = more awesomeness. No need to double check my math. πŸ™‚

Cycling T-Shirt Quilt Back
For the back of the quilt, I used the back of the t-shirts (and the leftover fronts that wouldn’t fit on the front of the quilt). It seemed fitting since most of the backs where made up of sponsors for all the different races. Plus it keeps the cost down since I didn’t have to buy fabric for the backing.

Cycling T-Shirt Quilt Close up
For the quilting I used a simply cross-hatch type pattern. I wanted to keep the focus on the shirts, and not the quilting for this one. Also, I’ll be honest. Hubs had this awesome idea of quilting the shapes of bike tires with big circles and spokes radiating from a center circle….but that just wasn’t happening. Circles are hard, slow, and annoying to quilt. Plus, it was just too heavy to lug around my machine. Maybe next time. πŸ˜‰
Cycling T-Shirt Quilt Purdue
I had to get a close up of my favorite shirt. πŸ™‚ And the one above it is pretty funny as well. For all you quilty people out there wondering, I used Quilters Grid 820 as a stabilizer for the shirts. I knew I would have to use some sort of interfacing, since t-shirt material is super stretchy. It worked out ok, though it got kind of bulky towards the end, and the grid wasn’t all that helpful. But more on that later, I think I might do a separate blog review of the stabilizer.

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