Fabric Basket Tutorial

In an attempt to organize the sewing room, I’ve been making quite a few fabric baskets. When the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild asked if I could do a little demonstration at the April meeting, the only thing I could think to do were these cute, easy baskets. Since some of the members of the group couldn’t make it to the meeting, I decided to post the tutorial here. It really is a quick and easy project, so hopefully you have fun with it!

Fabric Basket Tutorial
**All seam allowances are ½ inch, unless otherwise noted.**
1.   Start with 2 fat quarter (18 x 22 inches) sized quilt sandwiches. *Note: this is a good opportunity to use up those quilt sandwiches you made while practicing your free motion quilting.*
practice quilt sandwiches
2.   Trim and square each sandwich to 16 x 20 inches. *Suggestion: Move and rotate the cutting mat (as opposed to the sandwich) to prevent any shifting of the layers.*
quilt sandwich trimmed
3.   Cut a 4 square notch into the long (20) side of each quilt sandwich.
notches cut out
4.   With right sides together, pin along the two sides and bottom, which is the shorter length you just made by cutting the notches.
5.   Sew the bottom side and press seam open. *Optional: Use a walking foot to keep the layers aligned.*
6.   Sew the two sides together and press seams open.
7.   Pull the bottom corner of the left side seam and the left corner of the bottom seam together. (See above picture)
8.   Match seams, right sides together and sew. Finger press seam open.
notch corners together
9.   Repeat step 7 for the right side corners.
10. Turn basket right side out.

outside flipped rightside out
Almost Finished!
Fabric Basket Lining
The lining construction is almost exactly like the outside.
1.   Start with 2 pieces of fabric 16 x 20 inches.
2.    Just like the outside quilted pieces, cut a 4square notch into the long side (20) of each piece.
3.   With right sides together, match and pin the two sides and bottom side.
4.   Leaving a 4 gap (to turn the basket later), sew the bottom side and press seam open.
notched lining
5.   Sew the two sides and press seams open.
6.   Just like the outside, pull the side seam and bottom seam notch corners together and sew. Repeat for left and right side.

7.   Your lining should look like the outside now. Leave it wrong side out.

lining sewn together
Sew Lining to the Outside of Basket
1.   Find the center points on both the outside and the lining by folding in half (seam to seam) and marking with a pin.
outside middle points
2.   Place outside INTO the lining Right sides should be together. Be sure to tuck the corners of the outside into the lining securely.
outside placed in lining
3.   Matching seams and centers, pin around the edge. Make sure to match the seams of the outside to the seams of the lining or the basket might not work.
lining pinned to outside
4.   Sew along the top edge.
5.   Pull the outside through the 4 gap you left in the bottom seam of the lining. Be sure to push out those corners!
bag flipped rightside out
6.   Sew the gap in the lining closed.
7.   Tuck the lining into the outside. *Tip: Align the seams and push the corners of the lining deep into the outside so that it stays in place.*
bag pre top stitching
8.   Iron the top edge flat.
9.   *Optional: For a cleaner look, top stitch along the top edge with a ¼ inch seam allowance using matching thread.
*Suggestion and Optional: If the lining starts to pull out of the basket, sew a button (on the inside) to the bottom of the basket. This will keep the lining secure.*
All Finished! Stand back and admire your work!


Fabric Basket Tutorial

Finished lining

2 responses to “Fabric Basket Tutorial

  1. This looks super easy, and frankly awesome. I love fabric baskets! And I love when they're quilted, so this is perfect. I really should be practicing more FMQ anyway! 🙂


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