Sunset Pineapple Quilt

A local quilt shop, The French Seam, partnered with the state fair this year to put on a wonderful sewing contest. Naturally, I chose to enter a quilt into the contest, as I don’t feel my skills in accessory and garment sewing are ready for public criticism just yet.

Here is my entry into the sewing the challenge.

Measures 64″ x 72″

Even though I did not place, I did get a lot of helpful feedback. SO, here’s the story of Sunset Pineapple. 🙂 The main thing to keep in mind with this quilt is that I started it about 2-3 weeks before the state fair deadline. Not a good idea…

Sunset Pineapple_full back

For the contest, The French Seam gave us a hand full of color card choices to choose from and I chose Hubby’s favorite color Orange. I had never made an orange quilt before so it seemed like as good a time as any.

Sunset Pineapple_cool front angle

The block in this quilt is a paper pieced Pineapple Block, which knocks off one of my “bucket list” quilts. When deciding the colors to go with “Orange”, I knew I wanted to do an ombre effect with the pineapple blocks. Yellow and Red were the first colors that came to mind that blend well with orange. Hence the name “Sunset Pineapple”.

In order to keep all of the blocks and colors organized I used a mirror and dry erase marker to design the layout. It was easier to try different block layouts with the dry erase marker and mirror rather than the traditional pen and paper.

Sunset Pineapple_mirror plan
Sunset Pineapple_papers ripped off

Probably the most unforeseen, time consuming part of making this quilt was pulling off all the tiny paper pieces after the quilt top was assembled. Even with Hubby and his best friend helping, the papers took hours to tear off. Though it probably doesn’t help that I am rather OCD when it comes to tearing off the papers. :/

Sunset Pineapple_glass test quilting

For the quilting, I had no idea what design I was going to use at the start of this project. So I took the glass off the coffee table and laid it on the quilt top. Then using my trusty dry erase markers, I was able to draw different quilt designs without any actual commitment.

After the quilt top was assembled, I only had one week to baste, quilt, and bind before the state fair deadline. The final quilt design was more bare minimum than I would have liked, but that’s okay. I probably would have had a lot more time to do extra quilting if it didn’t take so darn long to bury all those thread tails!

Sunset Pineapple_front quilting detail

Sunset Pineapple_back quilting detail












In the end, though, I believe I achieved the overall effect I was going for with the quilting. By quilting diamonds in the reds, it draws your eye to the off-white triangles making them the “center” point. It also creates a “circle” effect to help create movement in the quilt (when you stand farther away).

Sunset Pineapple_semi close up quilting

Overall I am very pleased with this quilt. Even though it wasn’t ribbon worthy, it is still a winner in my mind. 🙂

5 responses to “Sunset Pineapple Quilt

  1. What Katie said ! Can't believe you didn't win something for this amazing quilt, especially as you had a limited time to make it. It's so fab 🙂


  2. Your quilt is spectacular, and I'm surprised it didn't take home a ribbon. You might treat yourself to a large sheet of clear vinyl, available at craft stores. It will provide you with a lightweight alternative to your glass table top, in case you get hungry before you finish plotting your free-motion. You could probably add in more quilting later, if you so desired. I too thrive on last-minute pressure, and have OCD tendencies with competition pieces, so I get the need to draw the line somewhere and move on with the process. The ombre effect is quite striking.


  3. You should have won a ribbon for your work that you did in only 2 to 3 weeks???? Making a pineapple quilt is on my bucket list and Ive yet to make it knowing it will be time consuming. But to know you did it in 2 to 3 weeks astound me! Who-a! It is truly a B E A U T I F U L quilt!


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