Squareburst Quilt from “Paper Pieced Modern” + Giveaway!

I finally get to share a quilt I helped Amy Garro of 13 Spools make for her upcoming book as part of the Paper Pieced Modern Book Tour!Blog Hop copy

A little over a year ago Amy told us at an Indy Modern Quilt Guild meeting that she was getting a quilt book published. After much “squee-ing” and congratulations, Amy then informed us she had to make like 13 or 14 quilts in, oh, about 4 months. YIKES. A few of us immediately offered to help with this enormous task, and she accepted.

P.S. It didn’t help that she was like *super* pregnant at the time. I mean, she’s pretty close to Super Woman, but even a super hero would have trouble making that many quilts in that many months while being pregnant, right!?

So that’s where I come in, and the quilt, of course.

Squareburst 2

Photo by Amy Garro


Amy asked if I could piece an entire top for her. I had pattern tested for Amy before this quilt, so I knew her patterns were well written and easy to follow. So of course I said yes to helping her, plus now I can say my name is in a book! Woohoo!

Amy picked out a combination of yellow and green fabrics by Michael Miller. I believe the starting fabric was the green floral print from the Happy Tones line. After that, there was a back and forth of me sewing the top, her doing the fabulous quilting, and then me finishing the binding.

Here’s another little hidden nugget about this quilt. If you don’t know already, Amy LOVES ombre. She even discusses the creation of ombre in her book. Since I knew this about her, and the fabrics went together so well, I decided to hide an ombre section in one of the blocks. If you look closely at the center block, you can see a section of 4 polka dot pieces going from dark to light. It makes me smile every time I look at it. 🙂 Truth be told, it was actually hard NOT to create ombre blocks after I made that block. lol

Squareburst flat shot 2

Photo by C&T Publishing


To get a few extra pictures of the quilt, we walked around White River State Park in Indianapolis to look for perfect picture locations. Amy had seen a picture online of a yellow sculpture at White River and was hoping to use it in the pictures for this quilt. What we didn’t know was that the sculptures apparently move around the park, so it wasn’t where the internet said it was. Silly internets.

Squareburst 1

Photo by Amy Garro


Anyway, we walked around in cold weather, nearly freezing my finger tips off holding up Amy’s other quilts, when we FINALLY found the yellow sculpture. I must say it was definitely worth the trek! It was conveniently positioned next to some yellow bikes, so of course we took pictures of those as well. I love how the yellow bikes and sculpture really make the colors of the quilt pop!

Squareburst 3

Photo by Amy Garro


“Squareburst” measures about 60″ x 60″ and each individual blocks measures 12″ x 12″. Even though the quilt is 5 feet square, it certainly didn’t feel that big during the creation process. Each block is so easy to put together, once you get into the rhythm of paper piecing the blocks really fly by.

Squareburst flat shot 1

Photo by C&T Publishing


Personally, I can’t wait for the book to come out! I really want to make every quilt in the book. Each pattern is unique, and the paper piecing instructions are really well written. Even someone completely new to paper piecing could pick up this book and be able to make a quilt from it. You can find the book here. OR, if you want a signed copy of the book, you can purchase it in Amy’s Etsy Shop.


Giveaway: To win a copy of the book (Hard copy to US winners and e-copy to everyone else) simply leave a comment on this post!


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