The Tula Chair

Before and After of The Tula Chair @



Without getting into too much detail of my life’s story, a few years ago my grandmother passed away. This chair is just one of the many awesome pieces I received that belonged to my grandma.

The Tula Chair "Before"


In our family, this chair was referred to as “the white rocking chair in the blue room at grandma’s house”. I know, we are super creative when referring to furniture. The “blue room” was my dad’s room growing up. His favorite color (and my grandma’s) is blue, so the walls and carpet were both blue. It’s not a surprise that she upholstered the chair with blue fabric. Just about everything she reupholstered had some sort of blue in it. 🙂


The Tula Chair "Before"


I knew I wanted to recover the chair. Grandma did a beautiful job, but blue just isn’t my thing. 🙂 The first thing I did was take off the back cushion and discovered the back of the chair was awesome! My sister even mentioned she didn’t know the back of the chair was that decorative.

I guess that shows how long the chair was covered that way and how old the chair is. lol The next thing I did was take apart the cushion. I took detailed photos as I went to make sure I could put the pieces back together the right way. Then I used the old pieces as patterns for the new fabric.


The Tula Chair @ The Seam Allowance


And then came the TULA! I had been eyeing Tula Pink’s fabric for awhile, but I’m terrible with large prints. I tend to make quilts with small pieces, so the large prints get lost in the cutting.


The Tula Chair "After"


But as soon as I decided to work on the chair, I knew Tula would be perfect! I scoured through her current collections to pick my favorite. Of course, I liked the Raccoons but couldn’t find any yardage. I swear, Tula sells out 5 minutes after it goes on sale! Anyway, this print was my second choice, and I think it’s perfect for the chair. 🙂


The Tula Chair "After"


So now the chair has been rechristened as “The Tula Chair”. The title is much shorter, easier to remember, and not dependent on the chair’s location. lol. I hope you like the chair! It was my first attempt at any sort of upholstery work. Luckily, it was just one cushion and very manageable.

2 responses to “The Tula Chair

    • I wish I could help, but I really was just winging it the whole time. lol. One trick I did figure out, is to use a zipper foot when sewing with piping. It allows you to get right up next to the piping so that you don’t see any of the basting stitches. 🙂


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