Bag Parade: Velocity Girl Bag (Part 1)


Over the past year, I have been really into creating bags. While my main passion is still quilts, I’ve discovered bags are pretty fun as well. You still have the design elements of picking out fabric (like in quilts), but the project is smaller and therefore easier to finish. I definitely do not have as many unfinished bags as I do quilts (zero, in fact). 🙂

Clover Bag @ The Seam Allowance


This is the first bag I made (not counting the patchwork corduroy bag I made in middle school with my mom lol). The pattern is “Velocity Girl” by Sara Lawson at Sew Sweetness.



Sara’s bag patterns are excellent. This bag was a good beginning bag, in my opinion. It has open pockets as well as an inside zipper pocket. I had never done an inside zipper pocket before and Sara’s direction were very clear and easy to follow. Plus the pictures helped a lot! I also love that it has an adjustable strap. I’m a pretty small person and often have problems with purse straps being too long. So an adjustable strap is perfect for me.



The only negative about this bag is the closure. It might just be my personal preference, but since the bag is so long, only having a magnetic snap for the closure is not enough. The bag flops open easily and I’m always nervous items will fall out or a pick pocket will steal something. (Call me crazy, but I still believe pick pockets exist).


If you couldn’t guess from the title, I have a whole slew of posts on recent bags I’ve made in the future. 🙂


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