Bag Parade: Velocity Girl (Part 2)

For the next installment of the Bag Parade, I did two more Velocity Girl Bags. The first is Gray and Orange. This purse is now my personal every day bag. The adjustable strap is perfect because I can wear over my shoulder in the summer for long walks; then shorten the strap in the winter when all those layers make it hard to wear over the shoulder straps.


In my first Clover Velocity Girl bag I didn’t quilt the exterior. But with the back of the bag being a solid piece, I decided it would look good quilted in diamonds. And of course I went crazy and quilted in bright orange, and did all of the decorative top stitching in bright orange. No room for error there! EEK!IMG_1757

For the closure, since I wasn’t keen on the magnetic snap in the first one, I added in a recessed zipper closure. Using THIS tutorial, it was very easy to add in due to the nature of the pattern. It was my first time doing a recessed zipper and it worked out well. Zippers are way less scary than I thought!


The rest of the bag was made according to directions. One side has open pockets while the other has a zipper pocket.

IMG_1754 IMG_1753



The last Velocity Girl bag I made was for my sister, for Christmas. She had seen my gray and orange one and loved it. Sometimes when people see my bag they are surprised when I tell them I made it (as opposed to it being store bought) and my sister was no exception. I’m actually extremely flattered when people claim they thought it was a store bought purse.

Velocity Girl Bag @ The Seam AllowanceIMG_2420

For her bag I made the quilted diamonds a little more narrow, which to me makes the bag look sharper and cleaner.


I also kept the recessed zipper closure.


And for the inside lining I used Jemma from the Happy Tones line in pink. My sister asked for black, white, and pink, so that’s what she got. I was a little nervous the inside would be too bright, but she loved it.


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