IMQG Board Member

Since I’ve been a bit behind on blogging, I haven’t gotten around to sharing some exciting news. I am a new board member for the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild! Woohoo!

My board member status actually started in January (2015). There are four other awesome ladies on the board. Thanks to the ladies on the board during 2014, we are now a non-profit organization and have membership with the parent Modern Quilt Guild.

I hear getting organized and taking the final leap into “non-profit world” was hard work and I commend all 5 of those woman (2 of which are still on the board). I’m super glad we didn’t scare them off! 🙂 But thanks to them, we can focus on getting bigger and better in the year of 2015.

Moving forward, I have been appointed the “Communications Manager” (I think that’s the official title?). In other words, I run the social media. So if you want to check out our blog, that’s me! Or our facebook page where we do most of our communicating as a group.

Honestly, it all sounds very official when you look at it from the perspective of “I’m a board member of a non-profit organization”. That title seems silly to me. It’s a volunteer position, and we really have no clue what we are doing. LOL Er…maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud?? So far it has been a great experience, mostly due to the other 4 women on the board with me and the amazing group of members we have in the IMQG.

I’m really looking forward to what the rest of the year brings!!

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