WIP Wed: Longarm Quilting

In an effort of full disclosure, I’m sharing my free motion quilting practice on the longarm for my first WIP Wed in a long time. The majority of my projects are secret gifts, so I can’t usually share them until the entire project is complete. But I can share my practice. 🙂

Last summer I lucked into a used longarm quilt machine. A lady in my guild was moving and didn’t want to haul it in the move (can’t blame her, they are massive!). So I quickly made her an offer and it came to live in my tiny sewing room! It’s your basic machine, no fancy bells and whistles, no computerized gadgets, just flip the switch an go! Which I actually love. If the machine does all the work that takes the fun out of quilting, right?


Above is one of my first attempts at the basic feather. I’ve been watching and rewatching Angela Walter’s craftsy class on feathers, and it’s amazing. She does a really good job explaining all the steps of the feather and giving tips on what you should be “thinking” while quilting.


While I’m fairly good at the basic feather, the custom feather alludes me! Above I tried out the custom feather as if it were on a border. I really can’t get my brain and hands to draw out the shape.


But I suppose, like with most new techniques, practices makes perfect. I am getting a little better here.


And whenever I get too frustrated, I practice something I already know. Like this paisley pattern. 🙂


Another style that I’m not a fan of is pebbling. I know, I know, don’t tar and feather me!! (Ha!). I’m probably the only one in the free motion quilting world that dislikes pebbling, but I find it to be tedious. On my home machine it’s easier, but on the longarm it is hard to make those tiny circles. Plus I find it just weighs the quilt down which isn’t as comfy to lay under.

But alas, the quilting community loves pebbling, so I want to be able to offer it as a pattern if I ever start taking customers for longarm quilting. (Which is a plan in the future, once I practice up some more). 🙂


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