Happy Tones Quilt Update

I finally finished my Happy Tones Quilt top!! I’m pretty much in love.

HT top

It is already pretty massive at 88″ x 88″ I didn’t start out intending to create such a big quilt, but due to the nature of the pattern it just ended up big. I’m also still trying to decide if I want to add an all white border around the edges.

What is hard to see in the picture, is the corners are actually one last purple triangle. I’m thinking maybe a border of white will help the triangles to float in the background easier. What do you think?

HT corner detail

The amount of thought I put into this quilt top is insane. I have this thing with making patterns symmetrical, so each section had to be the same. Aside from the obvious rainbow pattern, I wanted the colors/pattern to fracture apart and seem as if each section was breaking off from the main center.

Each piece of the pattern is denoted by a different color, and each color is broken up by pattern within that color. It was very tricky since I was limited to the squares in the original Happy Tones layer cake I started with.

HT top 2

For now, I’m taking a break while I figure out what backing to use and how to quilt the darn thing. With such a large overall pattern, I want the quilting to enhance the movement of the quilt without being too distracting.

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