19 Starts: Quilts of Indiana’s Present and Past Museum Exhibit


This summer, the Indiana State Museum is running a quilt exhibit called “19 Stars: Quilts of Indiana’s Present and Past”. It opened June 12 and runs through Oct 3, 2015. The exhibit is in celebration of Indiana’s Bicentennial and symbolizes our place as the 19th state of the union. A lucky few of us got to see the exhibit before its grand opening. There are two sections, one featuring a collection of historic quilts, and the other featuring contemporary quilts made specifically for the museum’s exhibit. All of the quilts were extremely inspiring, and here are a few of my favorites.


As the oldest quilt in the show, dating back to the period 1835-1843, how could you not admire it’s beauty and preservation. I have a few quilts from my great grandmother that were given to me as “display” only, not for use. lol And I’m guessing this was one of those quilts. Plus I think it’s neat because it came from Hancock County, which happens to be where my husband graduated from high school. 🙂


IMG_2976Of course this one is another of my favorites. Ombre. Need I say more? 🙂



I was surprised to see so many feather designs in the historic quilt section. Before the exhibit, I had really only seen quilts with straight lines. Lots of small cross hatch or small geometric designs, but no curved quilting or feathers. These circle feathers are just awesome, and it makes me want to use that quilt pattern in my next quilt. 🙂



This is my favorite quilt on the contemporary side. Can you see all the detail in that quilting!? I hope to be that good when I grow up! To see the full quilt, you’ll have to go see the exhibit yourself. 🙂 If you have an love for quilting and the history of quilt, this is a must-see exhibit this summer!!

I definitely can’t wait to get started on a star themed quilt. It will probably include a mash-up of modern and historic, which is right down my alley. 🙂

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