Bag Parade: Velocity Girl meets Tula Pink

Tula Pink Bee Bag by Darcie Mair


A friend of mine (and fellow IMQG member and fellow Tula Pink enthusiast) recently requested the Velocity Girl bag pattern by Sew Sweetness. If you haven’t guessed already, this pattern is my favorite. It’s fun to make and very useful as an every day purse.


Tula bee bag_inside

Technically, Michele’s two requirements were “Tula” and “pink”, as in the color pink. Of course I was game to make her a bag as the first request was Tula, and I love a good excuse to buy Tula!! She ended up picking out the bees. I thought it best she pick out the exterior fabric as I’ve found Tula enthusiasts often have a specific favorite print along with their overall love for the fabric designer.


Tula bee bag_zipper


After the bees were chosen, she left it up to me to do the rest. I wasn’t happy with any of the pink zippers in my collection, so I chose a cute matching green zipper for the top closure. I really do love the zipper closure for this bag. The inside is a low volume polka dot print. She did ask for pink after all. 🙂 And I could resist polka dots…again. 🙂 Add in a little gold bling and the rest is history. I can’t wait to give it to her Sunday at the IMQG monthly meeting!

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